MasterTrak Plus Records Management Tracking Software

Master Trak Plus Software

Mastertrak Plus Records Management Tracking Software

With the Introduction of The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and The Data Protection Act, efficient record storage and tracking has become critical.

Implementing a record tracking system couldn’t be simpler with MasterTrak Plus

MasterTrak Plus is a powerful 32 bit client / server Records Management Tracking Software System designed togive Central Records Libraries better control over their file movements and inventory. Using barcodes for data capture, files are checked in and out easily with MasterTrak Plus, therefore providing you with up-to-date status on all your active and inactive records.

Users can request files, search through data, or produce reports from their PC desktop via their Local or Wide Area Network. MasterTrak Plus allows you to eliminate the time-consuming task of managing your records. Find what you need, when you need it — so saving you time and money. Life is made even easier when MasterTrak Plus is used in conjunction with its Easy*Image and RFTrak modules. Easy*Image, which comes installed with MasterTrak Plus, allows the assigning of imaged documents against a file folder’s record, whilst the optional RFTrak module utilises the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology to enable tracking and inventory of file folders to be taken to a higher level.

MasterTrak Plus also has two additional modules:

The CFR-11 module is a US Government requirement for the Bio-Pharmaceutical, Personal Care Products, Medical Devices and Food and Beverage industries. It allows MasterTrak Plus to keep a complete audit trail of everything associated with the record, who’s edited, archived or delete it.

WebTrak allows you to combine the power of MasterTrak Plus with the ease and speed of web access. The WebTrak module allows you to search, view and request files anytime, anywhere.

MasterTrak Plus Features

  • Faster Check In / Out.
  • Multi-level Security.
  • Custom Report Writer.
  • Request Printing.
  • Seamless Interface to Colour Label Printing Systems.
  • Customisable Field Titles.
  • Record Retention.
  • Import / Export capabilities.
  • Ability to Receive Downloaded Data From a Range of Portable Scanner Units.
  • Unlimited Active or Inactive Records.

Linked to our Giroclass office carousel and colour coded end tab filing systems, you’ve just achieved state-of-the-art record keeping!!!!

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