GYROFILE – Rotary Filing System

Rotary Filing System

Rotary Filing Systems

Gyrofile rotary filing systems from Filing Acumen are one of the most cost effective rotary filing systems in today’s market.

The Gyrofile rotary filing cabinet is a high density, double sided filing system comprising of two office shelving bays located in an outer case and mounted on a heavy duty base.

By simply rotating the inner cube of the Gyrofile rotary filing system, 50% of your filing is available for fast and easy access; rotating the inner cube another 90 degrees your filing can be secured with a simple key lock.

Our 7 Level Gyrofile rotary filing system offers the same storage capacity as 5 traditional four drawer filing cabinets, whilst only occupying the space of only 2 tradional four drawer filing cabinets, as a result, additional storage capacity can be achieved or your floor space can be utilised for additional desking.

Gyrofile rotary filing systems (available in several heights) can be placed around the core structure of a building and its walls or in open plan environments as room dividers.

Gyrofile rotary filing systems can be finished in your own colours that best suits your environment; with a comprehensive range of internal fitments to suit all your filing requirements (established following a FREE OF CHARGE consultation) Gyrofile is an ideal filing solution.

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Current Filing Cabinets   New Rotary Filing System
The Current System7 x Four Drawer Cabinets
 Capacity = 16.24 Linear Metres
Filing Acumen

Filing Acumen Solution

3 x 8 Level Gyrofile Rotary Filing Cabinets

Capacity = 36.48 Linear Metres

An Additional 20.6 Linear Metres/126.85%.

A Rotary Filing System

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