GIROCLASS – Automated Storage and Retrieval

Automated Vertical Carousel

Automated Storage and Retrieval

At the touch of a button (or better still, at the flash of a bar code), the shelves of our Giroclass vertical carousels rotate to a predetermined access location, meaning no bending or stretching normally associated with traditional filing systems.
Deemed to be the most user friendly and health and safety conscious high density filing systems available, Giroclass vertical carousels are the ideal office filing solution in buildings with high ceilings.
Built to a specification that best suits your requirements, Giroclass vertical carousels are self contained filing systems that utilises overhead dead space, meaning that savings of up to 80% can be achieved when compared to conventional office shelving.
Security of your filing is critical; Giroclass vertical carousels are supplied as standard with lockable steel shutter doors and as an option can be fully automated, allowing you to lock away large amounts of file folders quickly and easily.
When linked to our optional Mastertrak Plus records management tracking software, a series of LED lights illustrate the location of your selected file folder making retrieval fast and efficient (access to your records in less than 20 seconds).
Detailed specifications are determined following a FREE OF CHARGE consultation.
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Current Filing Cabinets Automated Vertical Carousel System
The Current System7 x Four Drawer Cabinets Capacity = 16.24 Linear Metres
Filing Acumen
Filing Acumen Solution

1 x Giroclass 17/11 Vertical Carousel
Capacity = 48.96 Linear Metres
an Additional 32.72 Linear Metres/201.48%

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