Filing Services

Filing Services

Filing Services


Database Compilation

Filing Acumen can undertake the data compilation of the existing stored records, providing an electronic record of your office storage system. Once compiled, the data can be utilised in a variety of ways including file prelabelling, uploading into a tracking system and your own marketing activities.

File Labelling

Filing Acumen can generate new labels for you and pre-label new or existing files ready for introduction into your system.

File Move Management/Conversion

Now the decision has been made to implement your new efficient record storage system, Filing Acumen can conduct the complete implementation including the physical transfer/conversion of your records.

These duties can be conducted for you during or outside of normal working hours, however most are conducted outside of normal working hours ensuring minimal disruption to your working practices. File Move Management/Conversion projects are individually tailored to your requirements.

Filing Acumen would be delighted to conduct a FREE OF CHARGE, NO OBLIGATION survey for you.

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