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End Tab Folders by Filing Acumen

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End Tab File Folders


What are end tab file folders?

End tab file folders are document file folders manufactured with a protruding end tab.  End tab file folders are offered in various types but in the main are expanding folders that expand as and when you require rather than having a fixed centre (typical fixed centre files are classified as suspended file pockets, lever arch or box files).

Why use end tab file folders?

End tab file folders offer several benefits over traditional file folders, these being;

The end tab protrudes from the main body of the file folder ensuring that the files index can be viewed without having to touch the folder, leading to faster retrieval.

The end tab file folder is an expanding file folder that expands only when required saving valuable storage space in your office filing system.

The end tab file folder is designed to accept a colour coded index label (with a bar code if required) offering the ability to eliminate lost/misplaced files.

End tab file folders sit in a landscape format, directley on the shelves of your filing system ensuring maximum file storage capacity.

Filing Acumen offers purpose desinged colour coded end tab file folders.  However most clients’ needs are catered for by using our standard stock range which are ideal for your office filing systems.

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