Colour Coded Filing Systems

Colour Coded Filing System

Why implement colour coded filing systems?

Implementing colour coded filing systems will ensure that finding a file folder in your office filing systems is made quick and easy. Furthermore, colour coded filing systems will save space, time and money.

We’ve all misplaced files, for various reasons, the most common being lack of time in ensuring it’s put back correctly in the filing system. The problem is that a file only becomes important when it can’t be found.

Traditional file folders and indexing systems, whilst suitable for small volumes of files, when used in high density filing systems, multiply misfiling and filing errors many,many times. Searching through your high density office filing systems for that one lost record costs your organisation a great deal of time and money, plus much,much more. The secret is to reduce and eliminate filing errors before they happen.

Implementing colour coded filing solutions couldn’t be simpler. Filing Acumen will guide you through and design your labels with you. Should you choose, Filing Acumen can also print and apply your colour coded labels to your existing file folders or new end tab file folders. Additional and ongoing labels cab be generated with our Labels AnyWhere printing software.

In short, colour coded filing systems will:

Reduce filing and retrieval times by over 40%.

Eliminate lost or misplaced file folders, as misfiles are instanly apparent.

Guide users to blocks of colour in seconds.

Speed collating, pre-sorting, scanning,selection and retrieval of records.

Misfiles are instantly apparent, as colour blocks will not match.

Save your organisation TIME and MONEY.

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