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Colour Coded Filing Systems

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Colour Coded Filing Systems

Colour Coded Filing - Filing Made Easy

Filing Made Easy

An increasing number of organisations are deciding to employ colour coded filing systems ensuring that their records can be found quickly and easily.

Filing Acumen’s clients include Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Accountants, Financial Institutions, Housing Associations, Property Developers and many others.

Most of our clients decide to opt for Filing Acumen to set up their new colour coded filing system, saving valuable staff time, allowing them to continue with their daily duties.  On going colour coded labels are generated by our Labels AnyWhere online software.

LabelsAnywhere is chosen because it is.

  • Straight forward and easy to use.
  • No driver or software installation is needed.
  • Compatible with virtually any colour printer.
  • Unlimited user access.
  • Totally secure.
  • Labels are designed by Filing Acumen to suite individual requirements.

If you use traditional sticky individual colour coded labels, or wish to find out more, please contact us on 0115 986 1247 or e-mail

We’ll be pleased to advise you how you can save time and money whilst gaining complete control of your colour coded filing system.

Mobile Shelving – Buyer Beware -Purchasing and Comparing High Density Filing Systems

Thursday, October 21st, 2010
Mobiclass Mobile Shelving with laminate end panels

Mobiclass Mobile Shelving with optional laminate end panels

Considering the current economical climate conditions, purchasing and comparing mobile shelving has become even more difficult.

Most private and public sector organisations will acquire a minimum of three quotations before placing an order for their new office filing system.  However, do they compare like for like, are they looking for a filing solution that’s fit for purpose, or are they looking for the cheapest price?

The answer to the above questions should, of course, be YES to all.

Having specified (fit for purpose) office filing systems for both large and small manufacturers for some 17 years, it’s amazing and appalling some of the tricks that the UK’s filing system suppliers adopt to gain orders.

Down specification has been the most favourite trick adopted by some UK suppliers; below are a few examples.

Fit For Purpose

To ensure that your filing folders do not migrate to another shelf or fall down the back of the filing system, a solid back needs to be specified. A solid back prevents the above from happening.


Cleverly named by some individuals, Airflow Cladding???  Airflow cladding, in short is a piece of mesh that is invariably fixed to the filing system with cable ties (if you’re lucky, retaining clips and screws).  The airflow cladding (mesh) offers no rigidity to the filing system and as it’s only fixed by cable ties allows file folders to slip down between it and the shelf that your records are stored on.  Airflow cladding (mesh) is obviously a cheaper solution than a painted piece of steel.


 Cross braced backs.
Office Shelving With Cross Braced Backs

Office Shelving With Cross Braced Backs

Although cross braced backs offer some rigidity to the filing system, in general they are only fitted to a limited number of shelving bays in a run.  Cross braced backs do not stop records from migrating to the bay behind or falling down the back of a single bay.  Cross braced backs, in most cases, are cheaper than both of the above.   

Fit For Purpose

To ensure that your file folders are supported, the filing and storage industry recommends that two shelf dividers (preferably adjustable) are fitted to a 900mm shelf.



The drawing of the proposed filing solution may well illustrate shelf dividers but if the text in the quotation does not, the chances are that they have not been specified.  In some cases the dividers are illustrated in the quotation as an optional extra.

Fit For Purpose and Trick

It is not uncommon that if the quotations are on a like – for – like basis, a down grade in specification is made after the purchase order has been placed.  This action is quite blatantly fraud, however it continues to happen on the basis that 9 out of 10 clients will not notice and, if they do, it will be rectified but at what cost to you, the client?

Whilst Filing Acumen could adopt the above, we continue and will always specify office filing solutions that are fit for purpose. We believe that the public and private sectors at large should be aware, IT REALLY IS BUYER BEWARE.

Colour Coded Filing Systems

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Colour coded filing systems have proved that selection, retrieval and the refiling of your file folders will be at least 50% faster than conventional filing methods whilst saving on average 20% space.  In addition if a file folder has been misplaced it is highly visible.

Colour Coded Filing Spot The Misfile

Spot The Misfile

Filing methods are often dictated by the filing supplies that are offered by stationary organisations rather than what actually works for your organisation, as a result the whole filing process is slow and inaccurate. A file folder is viewed as being important only when it can’t be found and that leads to frustration, wasted time and ultimately money.  Therefore, as a consequence, is it not a good idea to look at the internals of your filing systems? Filing Acumen’s colour coded filing concept is simple and easy to use; all labels are designed by us to your requirements.  The concept is based on the fact that the human eye recognises colour and patterns of colour, faster than hand written of printed index methods, that’s why the colours red, yellow and green are used on traffic lights. Changing your filing system is a major time consuming task, but the benefits of changing to a colour coded filing system will save you time, space and money.  Filing Acumen will talk you through and conduct the process for you.

Colour Coded Filing - Filing Made Easy

Filing Made Easy

Save Space With High Density Office Filing Systems

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Save Space With High Density Filing Systems.

Did you know that a high density office filing system can reduce your filing area by on average 66% over traditional four drawer filing cabinets, saving you valuable floor space.

Whether its mobile shelving, rotary filing systems or automated filing systems, Filing Acumen offers total filing solutions.

Office Filing Systems

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Looking to replace your filing system? Moving Offices? Can you afford the staff down time to pack and unpack your file folders? How long is it going to take?

Just some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself before replacing that filing system. Unfortunately the answers may not be what you want to hear.

Contact Filing Acumen

Filing Acumen has 17 years experience of designing and installing high density office filing systems, we not only supply mobile shelving, rotary filing systems and automated filing systems, we also supply;

Colour Coded Indexing – To aid speedy filing and retrieval whilst eliminating misfiling.

Records Management Tracking Software – To ensure you know where your records are.

File Transfers and Relocations – Taking the burden away from you.

Installing a new filing system or relocating offices is extremely time consuming and needless to say costly task, Filing Acumen prides itself on finding the most effective way in conducting file transfers and relocations ensuring minimal down time to your business.

How can Filing Acumen Help?

The details in the planning, from packing and unpacking crates, relocation from building to building or floor to floor, creating a colour coded filing system Filing Acumen’s fully trained staff will complete the task on time, first time.

Automated Filing System

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Automated Filing System.  

The Giroclass automated filing system from Filing Acumen will eliminate the Health & Safety concerns associated with traditional filing systems, as your file folders will be presented to you at a preset height, meaning no bending or stretching.  

Automated Filing System

The Giroclass Office Carousel

 The Giroclass automated filing system is operated easily by an electronic keypad located on the working surface or can be linked to our MasterTrak Plus Records Management Tracking Software to ensure fast and accurate file folder retrieval.  

The Giroclass automated filing system is specified to your requirements to house file folders, CD’s, Videos, DVD’s.  Whatever your media the Giroclass automated filing system will cater for it.  

The Giroclass automated filing system (traditionally known as a vertical carousel) can be operated in a stand alone mode or networked to your IT system.  

The Benefits 

 Floor space savings – As the full available room height is utilised, typically the Giroclass automated filing system will save you 50% plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products, releasing floor space for additional desks or offices. 

The Giroclass Vertical Storage Carousel

The Giroclass Vertical Storage Carousel

Ease of retrieval – As your file folders are presented to you at a preset height you eliminate the bending and stretching associated with manual filing systems.  

Speed of retrieval – The Giroclass automated filing system will deliver your selected file folder to the preset working table in less than 20 seconds.  

Security – The doors of the Giroclass automated filing system are be easily closed and locked with a single key, digital locks and automatic closing doors can be specified as an optional extra.  

Specifications – The Giroclass automated filing system is designed in to your office, the taller your office, the more storage capacity, in the same footprint.  The Giroclass automated filing system is supplied in 3 standard widths and a range of heights from 2.2 to 6 metres.

Rotary Filing Systems

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Rotary Filing Systems

The Gyrofile rotary filing system is a high density, double sided filing cabinet mounted on a heavy duty rotary base allowing two sides of records to be accessed from one point.

The Gyrofile rotary filing system can be placed against a wall or used as an office patrician and eliminates the requirement to walk around rows upon rows of bulky traditional cabinets thus saving time and money.

The Gyrofile rotary filing system is more efficient than conventional filing cabinets both in storage capacity and floor space saving, for example, 22 four-drawer cabinets hold 44 linear metres of filing in 12.4 square metres of floor space, whereas four 8 tier Gyrofile rotary filing systems hold 48 linear metres of filing in less than 4 square metres of floor space.

Gyrofile rotary filing systems are extremely flexible with a wide range of heights and accessories available.

Due to its design of the Gyrofile rotary filing system, Gyrofile can be easily repositioned as add-on bays can be added on either side of the starter unit.

Mobile Shelving Filing Systems – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Organisations such as Filing Acumen are invariably approached by potential customers on the basis that their current filing system is full to capacity and they need additional filing capacity for growth.

This approach is an early Christmas present to many of the UK’s storage equipment suppliers. Before the salesman attends to conduct a filing system survey (a must if you want to get it right first time), they are already thinking mobile shelving is the solution.

The reality is that mobile shelving may not be the best solution to your requirements for a new filing system. What you’re filing, where you’re filing it, access and security of your filing and of course budget all need to be considered.

Why do most of the UK storage equipment suppliers think mobile shelving?

Mobile shelving is without doubt the most space and cost efficient high density filing system available.

The shelves in a mobile shelving system (like most all other filing systems) are fully adjustable (normally 25 – 30mm) ensuring that you can store a range of media.

A full range of internal accessories are available again ensuring that you can store a range of media.

Mobile shelving systems can be lockable offering security and are now offered as manually operated or electrically operated for ease of use.

Mobile shelving systems are supplied with either tracks that are screwed to your existing floor OR a false floor system that needs no fixing.  The type of floor required will be determined by your environment (another reason for a filing survey to be conducted).

 Sounds Great!!!!  What about the disadvantages?

ALL Mobile shelving systems operate on moving bases or carriages that roll along a series of tracks, a space is left between the bases for user access (this space needs to be a minimum of the shelf depth + 400mm).  The more user access aisles designed into the mobile shelving system means a lower storage capacity.

As you’re attempting to squeeze a quart into a pint pot, something has got to give; this something is fast, accurate access to your filing.

Transferring your records into a high density mobile shelving system does not rectify potential misfiling errors, the chances are that they will increase them.


If a storage equipment supplier is not prepared to visit you to conduct a filing survey, you won’t get what you need.

If you’re asked to forward a drawing (possibly even a competitors drawing) you wont get what you need. It may look the same, but down specification is common.

Consider the implications to the access required and the possible increase in misfiling, if you don’t your filing issues will increase.

If you require a high density filing system with fast, accurate and easy access to your records, a mobile shelving system may not be your best option.

 Consider all of the options.

Suspended Filing Systems

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Suspended Filing Systems

Invented in 1898 by Edwin G Seibels the drawer filing cabinet is the most widely used method of storing records in the world.

As government legislation has increased with regards to retention of records, space, cost and efficiency has become critical to both public and private sector organisations. In an attempt to address this, manufacturers of lateral filing and high density filing systems have introduced Mobile Shelving, Rotary Filing Systems and Automated Filing Systems, but the world continues to store its records in inefficient suspended filing pockets.

Q. Why?

A. Knowledge and Commodity.

There are two types of suspended filing pockets.

Vertical Suspended Filing Pocket

The vertical suspended filing pocket is designed as a top access pocket and is found in four drawer cabinets throughout the world. The vertical suspended filing pocket, because of its design and access methods, can only be stored to a maximum of five high, leaving unused headroom above the filing system.

Lateral Suspended Filing Pocket

Lateral suspended filing pockets are designed as front access pockets which suspend from rails located in either lateral cabinets or high density filing systems. The pockets enable 6+ levels to be achieved eliminating unused headroom.

Both pockets are designed to house filing folders but are not always interchangeable between systems and do not address your filing night mares, reported over the years as being;

• The pockets split, causing misfiling or lost records.
• The Index tabs break or fall off, causing misfiling or lost records.
• The introduction of new or the back shifting of records is slow and extremely time consuming.
• Staff complaining about cuts and split / broken nails.

Most lateral filing and high density filing system manufacturers now offer roll out suspended filing frames and or duplex shelves (the ability to store on the shelf or suspend under the shelf), but they rather you continue to use the suspended filing pockets as they are unable or unwilling to discuss the benefits of changing the way you store your records, despite recognising that suspended filing wastes between 15-20% of the available capacity.

Q. Can you calculate this wasted space?

A. Yes.

To assess the wasted space, simply

Vertical Suspended Pocket: Open a drawer and push your records to the back of the drawer.
Lateral Suspended Pocket: Push your records to the left or right of the suspended filing frame.

A Full Drawer Of Vertical Suspended Filing

Calculating Wasted Space

Calculating Wasted Space

Q. Is it possible to rectify other filing night mares?

A. Yes. By simply employing a colour coded end tab file index system these inherent problems can be overcome. Filing Acumen staff are trained to assess and discuss your entire system and submit all available options for your consideration.

Tips item to follow…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Tips item to follow…

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