PortaTrak RFID is a software module which resides on the RFID Portable Reader, PortaReader. PortaTrak allows the user to check items Out/In as well as take complete physical inventories, using Barcodes, RFID or both. Scanning items with RFID is at least 5 times faster than scanning barcodes one at a time. PortaTrak RFID enables the user to read 10 tagged items per second or more.

Taking a physical inventory has never been easier. Just pull the trigger and pass over the row of items slowly, reading everything as you pass. No more pulling the trigger for each item barcoded.

PortaTrak give every user, mobility and allows more flexibility by taking the device to the work instead of having to bring whatever needs to be scanned back to a workstation.

PortaTrak has a Find feature, which allows the user to enter the ID of the item they are looking for. As they walk around the work area, they can read tags with the RFID reader. When the desired item is found, it will beep and indicate on the screen that the item has been found.

Converting from the Barcodes to the RFID is simple. PortaTrak can write (encode) to RFID labels, and by scanning the barcode, PortaTrak RFID will write the barcode number into RFID label (chip).

PortaTrak saves time when checking the location of a file. When a file is needed, a simple check of the database determines its present status, instead of manually looking on the shelf for the file or looking through a card index system to see who has it. This makes PortaTrak a much more efficient system.

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