MasterPic™ is Filing Acumen’s newly created Giroclass and Electric Mobiclass Carousel Filing Systems interface module. MasterPic™ is designed to integrate with MasterTrak Plus™ as a total solution. After an easy initial custom set-up routine is completed, MasterPic™ fully automates the retrieval and re-file functions for various electrically powered carousel style filing systems. The MasterPic™ interface screen allows users to look up records using the same searching criteria as on the MasterTrak Plus™ software screen. Using the record look up or search result alone, MasterPic™ instantly and automatically moves the carousel filing system to the appropriate shelf or location for item retrieval and then awaits the next instruction.

Within the MasterTrak Plus™ software, files can be requested. These File Request Slips can be printed out to be used as pick lists, Routing Slips or markers in an Outguide. The MasterPic™ interface also directly enables users to make file requests, but instead of prompting a printout, the system creates a request buffer from which records are automatically retrieved. This makes the retrievals process much faster.

All the user has to do is press Retrieve Requests button on the MasterPic™  user interface screen and the carousel will automatically move to the next file in the request list, and wait for the user to press NEXT. The request list is processed in shelf number order.

MasterPic™ is installed as a fully integrated component of MasterTrak Plus™. MasterTrak Plus™ is the Filing Acumen Records Management system which allows users to check records in or out, using barcodes or RFID and to print colour coded filing labels etc. MasterTrak Plus™ works seamlessly with the Filing Acumen RFID DeskMate™ software/hardware products to automatically track files as they are used and moved around the office.

A fully integrated system using MasterPic™, MasterTrak Plus™ and DeskMate™ will completely handle all automation requirements of the NEW technically efficient file room.

Filing Acumen is first in the industry to have a record tracking system designed with automation enhancements which can bring greater efficiency to electric carousel filing systems.





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