DeskMate™ RFID reading and tracking module.

DeskMate™ is the MasterTrak Plus™ interface module for enabling RFID reading and real time tracking. DeskMate includes RFCONNECT, RFID Utility software.


Whatever your industry – legal, finance, medical, insurance or government – keeping track of your files can be a challenging task.  Having timely access to the documents inside your files is critical for an efficient and productive working environment. How much would it cost your organisation if a file containing critical documents is lost? DeskMate™ takes care of this for you. DeskMate™, the RFID real time tracking system, together with MasterTrak Plus™ as its database, automatically “reads” your files as they are placed on your desk or office area.  The current location of each file is constantly updated within seconds every time it is moved from desk to desk or work areas.


Each file is labelled with an RFID tag/label and has the file’s information printed on the label.  Each desk or work area has the DeskMate™ RFID reader installed which will then “read” any file that comes within range (2’ to 3’) of the reader instantly. DeskMate™ knows which desk or work area just “read” the file along with the time and date and automatically updates MasterTrak Plus™ with the information. Easy setup allows for fast implementation, and no extra network cabling is required to install the readers.


Knowing where your files are at all times gives you quicker access to the information you need, when you need it. Tracking files as they move from area to area, with no human interaction saves time and money by eliminating the lengthy tasks of logging records manually, scanning barcodes individually, or manually looking for a file, which could take hours.  The powerful search capability of MasterTrak Plus™ allows you to search for and instantly find a file’s location at any time anywhere throughout your office.  In office areas where there are numerous files in the same close proximity, the portable RFID reader allows you to single out the exact file you are looking for among several files in the same place.  Time saved means increased productivity and improved efficiency for smoother operations.


Checking files back into your file room has never been easier. When your files are tagged with the RFID labels, even multiple files can be checked back in all at one time vs. scanning one barcode at a time. Simply pass them by the DeskMate™ RFID reader set up in the file room.  This is set up as the “in” station so all files are automatically checked back “in” as they are passed by the reader on the way back to the shelf.  Files are automatically checked “out” by simply taking the file to you desk or work area.  DeskMate™ and MasterTrak Plus™ does the rest. This is great for self service file rooms.


The Easy*Image™ Document Imaging Module incorporated within MasterTrak Plus™ makes your job even easier. Simply open the folder and scan the documents.

Easy*Image™ accesses the information maintained in your file room quickly and conveniently, reducing the physical handling of files, thus minimising lost records.

The conversion to imaging records is easier than ever.  Documents can be viewed instantly at your work station and then printed.  And you know where the original file is located.

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