Convert your library books to RFID and keep your current library system.

• Easy installation

• Easy conversion of a Barcode System to RFID

• Integrates with most existing Circulation Systems

• Fully un-attended Self Check out

• Real Time Check in by converting existing drop box


BookMate™ is a system consisting of a computer Powered kiosk which has a Touch Screen, RFID and Barcode Reader. BookMate™ plugs into your network and interfaces with your existing library system. Books are Checked In and Out just like they were scanned with a barcode scanner, only faster and by your students, not the librarian.

Each book is labelled with an RFID label inside the front or back cover, which has the barcode number encoded in it. When the book is “read” by the RFID reader, it matches the barcode and with the BookMate™ software, it checks out the book to the proper student, just as if the barcode was scanned on your existing library system.

For checking books back in, your existing Book Drop Box/Bin is retrofitted with the BookMate™ RFID Reader. BookMate™ “reads” the RFID tag in the book as it is dropped in the Book Drop Box.

The beauty of RFID is that multiple books can be scanned at once. With RFID, Self Check In and Out stations are possible where barcodes must be seen and scanned, one at a time.

To create your own RFID Book Labels, the BookMate™ system has an RFID printer. The BookMate™ RFID printer can print one label at a time or all items contained in a data file.


Filing Acumen can provide your initial batch of labels for you to apply to your existing books or we can send the labels to your book distributor for them to apply for new book purchases.  After your conversion, you can print your own labels as you receive new books or materials.

When a student wants to check a book out, they simply “touch” the START button on the touch screen and places their book(s) on the BookMate™ Kiosk at the RFID spot and scans their ID card.  BookMate™ takes care of the rest. If your library uses a book limit, BookMate™ checks how many books the student has currently checked out and limits the number of books the student can check out. If there is a problem, BookMate™ speaks to the student, saying “there is a problem, please see the librarian”. The BookMate™ voice is recorded by the librarian, so they hear the librarian’s voice.

Because BookMate™ also checks books IN as they are dropped into the book drop box, the student can check their limit of books out immediately, instead of having to find the books in the box or having the librarian check all books in when the students enter the library. The Self Check IN and OUT feature of BookMate will eliminate having library personnel being tied to the desk. BookMate™ is truly the librarian’s ultimate assistant.

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