Personal Profile Georgina Ashdown

Personal Profile

Georgina Ashdown

Georgina is the newest recruit to Filing Acumen and in a very short space of time, understands that marketing is the life blood of any organisation and not just going out and selling.  Georgina’s natural flair with one liners has made a real impact on Filing Acumen, especially as she’s constantly on Twitter and other social networks.


How long in the industry?  It’s only been 6 months, but it’s been an interesting 6 months. I had no idea there was so much involved in implementing mobile shelving and filing systems and the many wonderful ways to make filing easier like implementing something simple like Colour Coded filing.

What drives you? The ambition to go above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

Highs and lows? The lows are hitting a brick wall, but the highs always out weight the lows, just knowing that what you are doing is achieving something whether it’s having a big impact or small impact, its working and that’s what counts.


Relationship Been with my fiancé for a number of years and we have a beautiful daughter and a cat called Elvis

Hobbies/interests  I love running and find that I’m in competition with myself each time to go that litter bit further, 7 and half miles is the furthest this year so far.  And baking, my daughter and I love to bake, we have mastered the cheese cake and the muffins but we have yet to master cookies, they always seen to spread into one giant one.

Something not many people about you? I don’t like talking about myself and find it even worse filling out personal profiles.

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