Personal Profile: John Walsh

Personal Profile: John WalshSales Manager for Filing Acumen

Filing Acumen is proud to introduce you to our number one Sales Manager Mr John Walsh. John has been a valued member of the Filing Acumen team from the very beginning, his enthusiasm, dedication along with product knowledge has helped Filing Acumen go from strength to strength.

Let’s find out more about the man himself:

How long in the industry?

I’ve been studying and implementing space and time efficient filing systems since January 1995. Having been employed by some of the UK’s largest suppliers of space efficient filing systems, my understanding of what works and what doesn’t work is second to none. Designing and supplying filing systems is the easy part as most filing systems are modular to some degree, the secret is understanding what is being, why it’s being and how it’s being stored. Understanding this helps in recommending efficient filing systems.

What drives you?

Like most sales people, I am duty bound to say money, however this is not the case. Meeting and beating client expectations is a far greater motivational value. I would rather a client spends less money on the hardware (filing system) and invests in a colour coded indexing system which will eliminate lost and misplaced files, whilst making the whole filing process easier and quicker for their employees.  

Highs and lows?

Because of my approach to my role, considerable time is spent in compiling proposals for clients; invariably two or three potential options are submitted for consideration. The highs are obvious; however, the lows tend to be a result of my reluctance to sell. If as a sales person, you invest your time, the proposal should be able to sell itself.


Married for 20 years to Debbie who has been very understanding that my role can be, a seven day a week role. We have two very intelligent Siamese cats that give us both great pleasure, and in away are our children.


Do I get time for interests and hobbies. My passion is Skiing and have had the pleasure (in the past) of instructing disabled people to ski either aided or unaided. Very rewarding, if you don’t believe me try it.

I have recently taken up Golf, but won’t play locally as some of my shots can be very embarrassing.


Something not many people know about you?

I believe, in one way or another, we are all sales people. I hate text book selling and management techniques and as a result refuse to adopt them. If you want to be sold to, John Walsh is not the person that you should be speaking with.

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