Mobile Shelving – Buyer Beware -Purchasing and Comparing High Density Filing Systems

Mobiclass Mobile Shelving with laminate end panels

Mobiclass Mobile Shelving with optional laminate end panels

Considering the current economical climate conditions, purchasing and comparing mobile shelving has become even more difficult.

Most private and public sector organisations will acquire a minimum of three quotations before placing an order for their new office filing system.  However, do they compare like for like, are they looking for a filing solution that’s fit for purpose, or are they looking for the cheapest price?

The answer to the above questions should, of course, be YES to all.

Having specified (fit for purpose) office filing systems for both large and small manufacturers for some 17 years, it’s amazing and appalling some of the tricks that the UK’s filing system suppliers adopt to gain orders.

Down specification has been the most favourite trick adopted by some UK suppliers; below are a few examples.

Fit For Purpose

To ensure that your filing folders do not migrate to another shelf or fall down the back of the filing system, a solid back needs to be specified. A solid back prevents the above from happening.


Cleverly named by some individuals, Airflow Cladding???  Airflow cladding, in short is a piece of mesh that is invariably fixed to the filing system with cable ties (if you’re lucky, retaining clips and screws).  The airflow cladding (mesh) offers no rigidity to the filing system and as it’s only fixed by cable ties allows file folders to slip down between it and the shelf that your records are stored on.  Airflow cladding (mesh) is obviously a cheaper solution than a painted piece of steel.


 Cross braced backs.
Office Shelving With Cross Braced Backs

Office Shelving With Cross Braced Backs

Although cross braced backs offer some rigidity to the filing system, in general they are only fitted to a limited number of shelving bays in a run.  Cross braced backs do not stop records from migrating to the bay behind or falling down the back of a single bay.  Cross braced backs, in most cases, are cheaper than both of the above.   

Fit For Purpose

To ensure that your file folders are supported, the filing and storage industry recommends that two shelf dividers (preferably adjustable) are fitted to a 900mm shelf.



The drawing of the proposed filing solution may well illustrate shelf dividers but if the text in the quotation does not, the chances are that they have not been specified.  In some cases the dividers are illustrated in the quotation as an optional extra.

Fit For Purpose and Trick

It is not uncommon that if the quotations are on a like – for – like basis, a down grade in specification is made after the purchase order has been placed.  This action is quite blatantly fraud, however it continues to happen on the basis that 9 out of 10 clients will not notice and, if they do, it will be rectified but at what cost to you, the client?

Whilst Filing Acumen could adopt the above, we continue and will always specify office filing solutions that are fit for purpose. We believe that the public and private sectors at large should be aware, IT REALLY IS BUYER BEWARE.

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