Colour Coded Filing Systems

Colour coded filing systems have proved that selection, retrieval and the refiling of your file folders will be at least 50% faster than conventional filing methods whilst saving on average 20% space.  In addition if a file folder has been misplaced it is highly visible.

Colour Coded Filing Spot The Misfile

Spot The Misfile

Filing methods are often dictated by the filing supplies that are offered by stationary organisations rather than what actually works for your organisation, as a result the whole filing process is slow and inaccurate. A file folder is viewed as being important only when it can’t be found and that leads to frustration, wasted time and ultimately money.  Therefore, as a consequence, is it not a good idea to look at the internals of your filing systems? Filing Acumen’s colour coded filing concept is simple and easy to use; all labels are designed by us to your requirements.  The concept is based on the fact that the human eye recognises colour and patterns of colour, faster than hand written of printed index methods, that’s why the colours red, yellow and green are used on traffic lights. Changing your filing system is a major time consuming task, but the benefits of changing to a colour coded filing system will save you time, space and money.  Filing Acumen will talk you through and conduct the process for you.

Colour Coded Filing - Filing Made Easy

Filing Made Easy

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