Office Filing Systems

Looking to replace your filing system? Moving Offices? Can you afford the staff down time to pack and unpack your file folders? How long is it going to take?

Just some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself before replacing that filing system. Unfortunately the answers may not be what you want to hear.

Contact Filing Acumen

Filing Acumen has 17 years experience of designing and installing high density office filing systems, we not only supply mobile shelving, rotary filing systems and automated filing systems, we also supply;

Colour Coded Indexing – To aid speedy filing and retrieval whilst eliminating misfiling.

Records Management Tracking Software – To ensure you know where your records are.

File Transfers and Relocations – Taking the burden away from you.

Installing a new filing system or relocating offices is extremely time consuming and needless to say costly task, Filing Acumen prides itself on finding the most effective way in conducting file transfers and relocations ensuring minimal down time to your business.

How can Filing Acumen Help?

The details in the planning, from packing and unpacking crates, relocation from building to building or floor to floor, creating a colour coded filing system Filing Acumen’s fully trained staff will complete the task on time, first time.

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