Rotary Filing Systems

Rotary Filing Systems

The Gyrofile rotary filing system is a high density, double sided filing cabinet mounted on a heavy duty rotary base allowing two sides of records to be accessed from one point.

The Gyrofile rotary filing system can be placed against a wall or used as an office patrician and eliminates the requirement to walk around rows upon rows of bulky traditional cabinets thus saving time and money.

The Gyrofile rotary filing system is more efficient than conventional filing cabinets both in storage capacity and floor space saving, for example, 22 four-drawer cabinets hold 44 linear metres of filing in 12.4 square metres of floor space, whereas four 8 tier Gyrofile rotary filing systems hold 48 linear metres of filing in less than 4 square metres of floor space.

Gyrofile rotary filing systems are extremely flexible with a wide range of heights and accessories available.

Due to its design of the Gyrofile rotary filing system, Gyrofile can be easily repositioned as add-on bays can be added on either side of the starter unit.

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