Suspended Filing Systems

Suspended Filing Systems

Invented in 1898 by Edwin G Seibels the drawer filing cabinet is the most widely used method of storing records in the world.

As government legislation has increased with regards to retention of records, space, cost and efficiency has become critical to both public and private sector organisations. In an attempt to address this, manufacturers of lateral filing and high density filing systems have introduced Mobile Shelving, Rotary Filing Systems and Automated Filing Systems, but the world continues to store its records in inefficient suspended filing pockets.

Q. Why?

A. Knowledge and Commodity.

There are two types of suspended filing pockets.

Vertical Suspended Filing Pocket

The vertical suspended filing pocket is designed as a top access pocket and is found in four drawer cabinets throughout the world. The vertical suspended filing pocket, because of its design and access methods, can only be stored to a maximum of five high, leaving unused headroom above the filing system.

Lateral Suspended Filing Pocket

Lateral suspended filing pockets are designed as front access pockets which suspend from rails located in either lateral cabinets or high density filing systems. The pockets enable 6+ levels to be achieved eliminating unused headroom.

Both pockets are designed to house filing folders but are not always interchangeable between systems and do not address your filing night mares, reported over the years as being;

• The pockets split, causing misfiling or lost records.
• The Index tabs break or fall off, causing misfiling or lost records.
• The introduction of new or the back shifting of records is slow and extremely time consuming.
• Staff complaining about cuts and split / broken nails.

Most lateral filing and high density filing system manufacturers now offer roll out suspended filing frames and or duplex shelves (the ability to store on the shelf or suspend under the shelf), but they rather you continue to use the suspended filing pockets as they are unable or unwilling to discuss the benefits of changing the way you store your records, despite recognising that suspended filing wastes between 15-20% of the available capacity.

Q. Can you calculate this wasted space?

A. Yes.

To assess the wasted space, simply

Vertical Suspended Pocket: Open a drawer and push your records to the back of the drawer.
Lateral Suspended Pocket: Push your records to the left or right of the suspended filing frame.

A Full Drawer Of Vertical Suspended Filing

Calculating Wasted Space

Calculating Wasted Space

Q. Is it possible to rectify other filing night mares?

A. Yes. By simply employing a colour coded end tab file index system these inherent problems can be overcome. Filing Acumen staff are trained to assess and discuss your entire system and submit all available options for your consideration.

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