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Office Filing Systems and Solutions From Filing Acumen.

Thank you for viewing our web site, we hope you find our filing systems and solutions information helpful and informative.

Filing Acumen is committed to providing highly efficient, modern office filing soloutions throughout the UK, including:

Filing Acumen undertakes detailed filing surveys before submitting its proposals.  We will ensure resources are not wasted by replacing your filing systems just for replacements sake:  By adopting different soft folder formats your current filing systems may meet your requirements without the need for new filing hardware solutions.

Did You Know?

  • Suspended filing pockets by design utilise, on averavge 20 percent of the filing system’s capacity.
  • Colour coded filing solutions, whilst enhancing speed filing and retrieval times by as much as 40 percent, eliminate the potential to misfile.
  • On shelf filing solutions will save you time, space and money.

With the introduction of The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and The Data Protection Act, implementing efficient office filing solutions has become critical.  However, more often than not, filing systems are acquired without consideration to what the system needs to achieve.  Filing Acumen has the solutions to meet your requirements.

All organisations rely on information that enables them to function and grow. Despite the electronic age, hard copy filing is still the preferred method of retaining and reading information, therefore, choosing the correct filing systems for your office is paramount to continued success and growth.

Filing Acumen understands that implementing new filing systems can be a massive drain on your resources.  File indexing, label application, filing relocations and transfers can all be conducted by Filing Acumen.  During normal or outside of working hours, Filing Acumen can take the headache from you.

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